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Employee engagement

With a response rate of 72%, almost three quarters of the staff population in 2022 delivered valuable feedback on how Unica can make working for its company easier and more attractive. The results of the annual survey, organised by the independent feedback platform Effectory, provided a clear picture of employee satisfaction.

The overall results of the survey were comparable to those of last year. There is pride in the level of service provided by Unica, the added value for the company’s clients, and perceived development opportunities for employees. The most commonly mentioned improvement points were cooperation between the organisation elements and communication about the targets of the group of companies. That particular improvement point was followed up on by improving internal information sharing in 2022 with the introduction of the Unica Connect App, which makes it easy for every employee to read all the latest news on their own smartphone.

The eNPS score, the benchmark that reflects the difference between the percentage of employees who would recommend Unica to others as an employer and those who would advise against working at Unica, remained almost unchanged (at 19.7 in 2022, as compared to 19.8 in 2021). The eNPS remained positive in 2022 in every cluster. The real value of the results of the survey lies in the specific input employees can provide to their own company. Together with the workforce, the management of each company can then develop a targeted response to the improvement points that emerge from the survey.