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In its health policy, one of Unica’s focal points is vitality in the employment relationship. Without imposing any obligation on its workforce, Unica makes every effort to encourage its employees to recognise the value and importance of remaining fit and healthy at work and at home. This focus has been reflected in the initiative of the vitality programme ‘Your DAY’ (Jouw DAG) for a number of years. In 2023, new life will be breathed into the Preventive Medical Examination (PMO) programme, now that after two years marked by COVID-19 there is once again an opportunity to evaluate the conditions in which the employees perform their work tasks. The PMO offers both Unica and its employees a clear insight into their personal health situation.

In line with the overall trend in the Netherlands, the absenteeism percentage at Unica rose in 2022. Whereas in past years the trend in absenteeism was downward, the absenteeism figure at 6.3% for the year just ended reflected an upturn (2021: 5.1%). The primary peak was observed in the spring of 2022, in the period in which the COVID-19 measures were withdrawn. During that period, partly as a result of the quarantine obligations, absenteeism was significantly higher than normal. The intensity of the influenza wave that affected the whole of the Netherlands also had an impact on the availability of employees in the autumn of 2022. During the course of 2022, periodic absenteeism discussions with managers were intensified, to offer them more support in recognising the early signals of absenteeism and, where necessary, offering sound absenteeism counselling. Through these efforts, Unica expects to be able to further reduce absenteeism levels in 2023, in line with the downward trend that had been noted in previous years.