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About Unica

As a trendsetter in sustainable innovations and all-round technical service provider, Unica delivers solutions to all technological questions affecting the built environment. We deliver services in installation engineering, energy, IT, the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart buildings. Unica translates the needs of its clients into tailored functional solutions that help create a sustainable, digital, healthy and comfortable living and working environment. With an effective network of nine market-leading business clusters and a workforce of more than 3,500, Unica is one of the largest technical service providers in the Netherlands. For more information about our company, visit:

Unica in figures

663 mln.


56,4 mln.


8,5 %

EBITDA margin

33,4 %







Grade of employership

5,1 %


Solid growth in 2021

The solid organic growth achieved by Unica and the large-scale acquisitions completed over the past eighteen months have resulted in growth in revenue of 23% to € 663 million. EBITDA also improved considerably (36%) to € 56 million, the result of economies of scale, improved management of operating costs and better margins.

Network of companies

The strategy of Unica is based around a network of 9 business clusters, all ground-breaking in their specialist field. This network places Unica in an excellent position to act as a partner for its customers in implementing innovative and sustainable transformation processes.

Sustainable business practice

With its knowledge and services, Unica operates at the heart of the energy transition, a process that is accelerating rapidly. The solid foundation based on sustainable and social business practice also occupies a prominent role in our own company’s activities.

DNA of a family-run business

Despite continued growth, the character of a family-run business is still a distinctive selling point that makes Unica an attractive employer. Retaining a loyal and dedicated workforce enjoys priority within the company as do efforts aimed at making the company attractive for lateral entrants, social entrepreneurship and greater diversity.

Digitalisation and innovation

The services provided by Unica and the world around us are becoming increasingly digitalised. Innovation and digitalisation are therefore crucial conditions for our continuous future relevance. Unica has established a separate division to maintain a focus on these aspects.

Future outlook

Smart building applications aimed at making buildings more sustainable, more comfortable, safer and more cost efficient are distinctive aspects of building transformation. Unica can supply fundamental IT knowledge to assist its customers in changing their building functions.

Network of companies