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About Unica

As a trendsetter in sustainable innovations and an all-round technical service provider, Unica solves technological issues in the built environment. Unica's services include installation technology, energy, ICT, industry, internet of things (IoT) and smart buildings. Unica converts the wishes and needs of customers into customized functional solutions that contribute to sustainable, digital, healthy and comfortable living and working environments. With a decisive network of nine leading business clusters and almost 3,700 employees, Unica is one of the largest technical service providers in the Netherlands. For more information about our company:

Unica in figures

758 mln.


72,9 mln.


9,6 %

EBITDA margin

36,2 %







Grade of employership

6,3 %


Substantial growth in turnover and return

For the third consecutive year, Unica's turnover grew by double digits. In 2022, turnover was € 758 million, an increase of 14%. The focus on return is reflected in an EBITDA of € 72.9 million, an increase of 29%. With a return of 9.6%, Unica is in a healthy position.

Strengthening the network of companies

Security management specialist EAL and ICT secondment agency Working Spirit were added to the network of companies in 2022. Unica continues to focus on acquisitions to further broaden its specialist knowledge or to strengthen its regional presence. In the past 5 years, Unica realized 14 acquisitions.

Strong focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is a spearhead in Unica's business operations and services and is of distinctive importance across the board due to the increased attention and social focus. As a partner in sustainable transformation, Unica can make a positive difference, both within its own internal organization and for customers.

Multidisciplinary strength

Unica is in a strong position to contribute to social challenges such as the energy transition, staff shortages, ageing, safety and health with its services. With its multidisciplinary strength, Unica can serve its customers and society even more broadly in the coming years.

Boosting digital building functions

With fundamental ICT knowledge, Unica can support the digital transformation in technical services with concrete applications. Combining knowledge from different domains produces surprising and useful disruptive applications, with the Unica Innovation Center being the driving force behind digital control of building functions.

Involved employees

Employee retention is central to Unica's strategy. This is reflected in ample training opportunities, career opportunities within and between companies and attention to diversity and inclusiveness. New target groups are reached with social entrepreneurship and lateral entry to increase labor capacity.

Network of companies