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2020 at a glance

In January 2020, TNO, K_Dekker bouw & infra and Unica Building Projects entered into a new partnership.


2020 was dominated by the Covid-19 crisis, which was obviously given continuous attention at Unica too. It was important to continue operations, but the safety and health of our employees was our primary concern.


“We challenge each other to continue to work at a high level”

René de Jong, Senior Manager Engineering at Astellas Pharma

"We are on an adventure with Unica and it’s going really well"

André van Stigt and Paul van Joolingen, Panopticon foundation (De Koepel)

“We were positively surprised by Unica’s capacity for innovation”

Evert Leideman, Managing Director at deltaWonen

“It’s fantastic to see how Unica is embracing our mission”

Paul Huguenin, Emergencies Manager at the Dutch Heart Foundation

“If you are going on a journey together, it’s best if you can get along”

George van Duyneveld, Business Development Leader Benelux at IBM

“A diverse team creates added value”

Janine Feddes, Operations Manager at Unica Building Services in Zwolle

“With this solution, Unica is reinforcing its image as a quality brand”

Michiel Jol, Manager of IoT Products and Marketing at KPN

“Together we can offer a large group of customers a complete package”

Paul Numan and André Kant, directors of Numan & Kant

“Entrepreneurship is so much more enjoyable and efficient if you do it together”

Sander van den Heuvel, Director at PCT

“Unica shares our philosophy”

Director Jan Vliet van Zante and major shareholder Marcel van Kempen

“Everyone feels involved and looks out for each other”

Anita van der Haar, Building and Accommodation Manager at St Jansdal and Arend van Poelarends, member of St Jansdal’s Board of Directors