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Irene Kolditz, Facility & Security Coördinator bij Team Terminal

More structure and understanding of security and access processes

“We have enjoyed a positive relationship with Nsecure for at least ten years,” explained Irene Kolditz, Facility & Security Coordinator at Team Terminal. “Nsecure is an expert company that knows our huge site well and understands our everyday processes and strict security protocols. We were closely involved in the development of YIM, and Nsecure was flexible and supportive in the implementation of the new system.”

TEAM Terminal, one of the largest oil storage and transhipment companies in the Europoort area of Rotterdam, was the first company in the Netherlands to start working with YIM in 2021. This new identity management platform (Your Identity Management) from Nsecure has now been responsible for the complete access process for all employees, contractors and visitors to the TEAM Terminal for almost a year.

It is important for many companies and organisations to be ‘in control’. Bringing together all the aspects of being in control  - from security and access processes and compliance with legislation and regulations through to the correct processing of personal data, documents and valid security procedures - is often a complex practical challenge.

Nsecure, the security management specialists who since 2017 have been part of the Unica network of companies, offer the perfect solution for contractor and visitor management with the Your Identity Management (YIM) system. YIM is a user-friendly platform suitable for companies in a whole range of sectors - from petrochemicals through to financial services - each with their own specific legislation and regulations, and challenges.

“A good platform for access control, identification management, safe working practice and compliance is essential to our activities”

Irene Kolditz, Facility & Security Coordinator at Team Terminal

TEAM Terminal

For the development of YIM, which is effectively an extension of the Dataclient system introduced in 2008, Nsecure was able to call on 25 years of professional skills and experience. Nsecure also listened carefully to the wishes and needs of its customers, including TEAM Terminal.

TEAM Terminal is one of the largest oil storage and transhipment companies in the Europoort area of Rotterdam. The company is responsible for transporting 35 million cubic metres of crude oil, every year, a quarter of total oil turnover in the entire Europoort area. The oil comes from all corners of the globe, and is delivered in large tankers. Every year, some 300 oil tankers moor at one of TEAM Terminal’s three jetties in the port area. The crude oil is pumped from the ships into one of the 33 tanks on the terminal site. Via kilometres of pipeline, the oil is then pumped to various customers in the Netherlands and abroad.

Safety and security

TEAM Terminal is recognised as a vital company to the Netherlands. Vital companies are companies that perform processes that are so important that if they were to fail or be interrupted by vandalism, sabotage or terrorism, for example, the result could be serious social disruption. “We at TEAM Terminal are required to satisfy strict legal requirements, rules and procedures in the field of safety and security,” explained Irene Kolditz, Facility & Security Coordinator at Team Terminal. “Including ISPS, the international code for the security of shops and port facilities. We are accordingly certified, and we are regularly inspected by the Port of Rotterdam Authority.”

TEAM Terminal is a hive of activity, every day. Irene continued, “We have a permanent staff of around 45, and 20 seconded employees with a permanent contract. We work in shifts, so there is always someone at work on the site. In addition, there are on average one hundred external workers present on site; contractors, service engineers and visitors. And then of course the crew members of the ships and the ships’ engineers, suppliers and agents. We are responsible for the comings and goings of all these people. A good platform for access control, identification management, safe working practice and compliance is essential to our activities.”

YIM from Nsecure

During the development phase, Nsecure encouraged its customers to test the YIM platform against targets relating to speed, user friendliness and compliance. Following this test period, the platform was successfully rolled out by the first customer, TEAM Terminal. “We had been using Dataclient for years, and were delighted that Nsecure involved us in the development of YIM. The result was that the new platform ties in perfectly with our company culture,” suggested Irene. “YIM is very user friendly and the registration package for our contractors works well. They themselves are able to arrange their own access needs and submit reports. That relieves us of a great deal of our workload. Thanks to the introduction of YIM, checks by our security staff at the gate have been tightened up, and personal data are now better secured. YIM offers us a better structure and a clearer overview.” According to Irene, there was also one key learning point. “We should have asked our employees for feedback, much earlier. That is one thing we would certainly do differently next time.”

Flexible and engaged

Irene describes Nsecure as an expert company that knows its field of operations well and fully understands the everyday processes and strict security protocols at TEAM Terminal. YIM was implemented in phases, without any serious difficulties. Irene continued, “At least if there were difficulties, we were not affected by them. Nsecure established a helpdesk that answered all our questions, without delay. Throughout the process, Nsecure was flexible and engaged. They offered us maximum support, for which we were very appreciative. Our cooperation goes back at least ten years, and over that time we have become ever closer. The people at Nsecure are pleasant to work with. Cooperation with them goes beyond simply a business relationship, and that in itself is very special.”