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Martijn Wolswijk, Head of Circular Technology at PCT Koudetechniek

‘Customisation is and remains our greatest strength; the ‘perfect degree’ for every customer’

PCT Koudetechniek in Deurne has been a leading player in the field of technical refrigeration systems in the Netherlands for decades. “With on average between thirty and forty employees, we were a small, independently operating family-run business with big ambitions,” explains Martijn Wolswijk, Head of Circular Technology at PCT Koudetechniek. “We deliver custom solutions to clients in the Netherlands and abroad and we do everything ourselves: design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, installation, testing, after sales service and separate deliveries of refrigeration technology. We also develop software for the management and visualisation of refrigeration and freezing systems. All this has made it possible for us to supply refrigeration and freezer systems that even the major installers were jealous of.”

The perfect degree

Since 2020, PCT Koudetechniek has been integrated into one of those major technical service providers. “Even within Unica we remain a small, independent group of people and we continue to do what we have always been good at: delivering custom solutions. In other words, ‘the perfect degree’ for every customer. That is and remains our greatest strength,” explains Martijn. “The original company culture, characterised by a sense of pride, drive and solidarity, is still very much with us. Or perhaps I should better say ‘that feeling has been recovered’, because our company can look back on a difficult period. It was nothing to do with the acquisition, but for a time things had not been quite as they should have been. That was in fact the reason why I left the company in the first place. I had lost my sense of enjoyment.”

Organisation change

Unica recognises huge potential in PCT Koudetechniek, and during that period did everything in its power to turn the tide. Even when Martijn had found employment at another refrigeration technology company, Unica kept in touch. “I was asked: ‘What is your vision? How do you see the future for PCT Koudetechniek? And what would be your ideal?’ It came as a real eye-opener, because it was not something anyone had ever asked me,” continues Martijn. “And it may sound at bit old hat, but our ideas in fact matched seamlessly. So when they announced an organisation change, I came back. The second I crossed the threshold at PCT Koudetechniek, it felt like a real homecoming. Yes, this is the company where I belong. I had a grin from ear to ear.”

‘Our services are interesting for many organisations in a wide range of sectors’

Martijn Wolswijk, Head of Circular Technology at PCT Koudetechniek

Reap what you sow

That grin is still prominent on Martijn’s face. “I thoroughly enjoy my work, and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in the past year. The tiny seeds we planted last year are now starting to bear fruit.” Martin continues, “Internally, all 33 employees are in line and on track, and together we are all putting our best foot forward for our customers. A number of former employees have returned and others are keen to join us. A clearly positive signal in a period in which technically trained personnel are scarce.” Martijn also sees that customers and suppliers are increasingly finding their way (back) to PCT Koudetechniek. “We have a good reputation on the market and are recognised as a reliable and expert party that delivers sound cooperation. We launched a number of new projects in 2023 and I am convinced there is much more to come.”

Growth market

The expectation is indeed that demand for refrigeration and freezer technology, and for industrial heat pumps, is due to continue to grow over the coming period. For PCT Koudetechniek which now mainly works for clients in the industrial sector, food processing and distribution, this development offers plenty of opportunities for expanding its services into new sectors. “Refrigeration technology is an interesting domain for Unica, because the parent organisation is so broadly oriented. In other words, our services are interesting for many of Unica’s customers in a wide range of sectors,” suggests Martijn. “Take for example the cooling of datacenters, the temperature control of laboratories, operating theatres and industrial environments, and of course standard air conditioning in offices and buildings.”


Also in the field of sustainable, energy-efficient systems and circularity, PCT Koudetechniek has a great deal to offer its customers. In Martijn’s words, “We cooperate closely with various Unica companies, such as Unica Building Services and Hellemans Consultancy. Together with the consultants from Hellemans, we guide our customers through the changing energy landscape and help businesses to save energy and costs. On top of that is the growing interest in sustainability and circularity. We no longer live in a throw-away society and in that light, we constantly attempt to overhaul components and systems as far as possible. As part of Unica, we can really compete with the big boys in every field and are in a position to show just what PCT Koudetechniek is all about.”