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Annex: GRI overview

Supplementing the financial report for 2020, the annex contains a social performance report for the past year. Alongside providing a clear depiction of its financial results, Unica also wishes to report on its efforts aimed at adding value to society and its environmental achievements. The guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) have been used for the social performance report, based on the ‘Core’ option of the GRI Standards.

This social performance report concerns the organisation’s own network of companies. The aim is to report on the impact of all companies in the Unica network. However, data has not yet been included for a limited number of recently acquired companies. Yet even without the social and environmental impact of these Unica companies, the report gives a reliable impression of our social performance nonetheless. The social report does not cover participating interests and joint ventures.

No external assurance was carried out on the social elements of the annual report, but the reported information has been assessed and approved by the Board of Directors.