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Unica applies the highest integrity standards in terms of compliance. The basic principles are described in the publication ‘We are Unica’ (Wij zijn Unica), provided to all employees during onboarding. The rules of conduct that apply to all Unica employees and are an integral part of this publication. It also includes a whistleblower scheme, which in 2020 was converted into three separate protocols for reporting abuse, dealing with employment disputes and an option to report undesirable behaviour to an external confidant. Unica therefore has both an internal compliance officer and external expertise, ensuring appropriate support available to act decisively if integrity conflicts arise.

Unica’s management is periodically trained in ethical behaviour and working in compliance. Compliance is a standard item on the agenda in the six-monthly management reviews. All directors of the various Unica companies issue an annual compliance statement in which they affirm compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations. To conclude, the General Counsel regularly conducts knowledge and training sessions throughout the Netherlands to maintain focus on the importance of compliance in day-to-day practice.