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Materiality analysis

The social themes addressed by Unica in its day-to-day operations were identified by a materiality analysis. This analysis revealed various material aspects that focus on social value, people and sustainability and led to targeted improvement actions where necessary. Annually, Unica assesses whether the original impact analysis performed in 2015 still reflects its stakeholders’ interests. Apart from a few shifts in emphasis, these interests have been largely consistent from year to year, up to and including 2020.

The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in a wide range of changes in society in the past 12 months, which could also affect the business domain Unica operates in. For this reason, it has been decided conduct a new materiality analysis in 2021 to assess whether the balance between stakeholders’ interests and Unica’s interests has changed. In principle, employees, clients, suppliers and shareholders are the key stakeholders that play a role in determining the most relevant material themes for Unica, and their respective priority in its operational management. Stakeholders who are indirectly involved, such as the government, the education sector and industry associations, can help direct the prioritisation of Unica’s social objectives and activities.