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Employee engagement

Employee engagement is crucial to Unica’s services in many respects. As the first point of contact for customers, enthusiastic and committed employees are the organisation’s calling card. Engagement also increases job satisfaction of all colleagues and ensures employees remain at the company, making it easier for Unica to achieve its growth objectives. Unica’s annual employee survey is an important instrument for assessing the development of employee engagement.

More than 1,900 colleagues expressed their opinions about working at one of the Unica companies in 2020. With an average score of 7.3 for employment practices, they have a predominantly positive view of our company. Thanks to this result, Unica was awarded the World-Class Workplace 2020 label by Effectory. This is the largest independent label for good employment practices, set up 15 years ago by the research partner who supervised the survey. The quality label is only awarded to companies whose employees give an above-average rating.

The results also show that engagement has increased, even though more work is carried out remotely due to Covid-19. Another important indicator of engagement, the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), also improved. In 2020, it was 12.5, up from 8.3 in the previous year. Unica is of course pleased with these positive developments, but also realises that a measurement depends to a large extent on the circumstances in the period in which the survey is conducted. Over the coming year, the goal is to improve the results further.

In October, the Board of Directors spoke with more than 185 colleagues in 12 different online sessions during a virtual tour of all Unica companies. In the informal and open 2-hour talks, employees showed great interest in Unica’s strategy, and in turn provided valuable, honest feedback on things that sometimes go wrong at Unica companies. This form of direct interaction between the Board of Directors and employees will be continued in the new year.