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Financial developments

For the fourth year in succession, revenue achieved double figure growth. Revenue for 2023 rose to €843 million, an increase of €87 million as compared with 2022 (€756 million). An overall rise of 11.5%.

Unica follows a controlled growth strategy with a sound balance between autonomous growth and growth through mergers and acquisitions. This is well reflected in the financial results for 2023. In 2023, more than 75% of revenue growth came from autonomous growth, and one quarter from the acquisition of businesses.

The focus on improving the rate of return was reflected in 2023 in an EBITDA of €103 million, a rise of 13% as compared with 2022 (€91 million). Net profit rose by 17.5% to €49.6 million (2022: €42.2 million).

The aim of maintaining a stable rate of return at Unica was once again achieved in 2023. At 12%, the rate of return percentage remains the same as in 2022. As a consequence, Unica enjoys a healthy return position, appropriate to companies of this size. In 2023, inflation did affect the level of costs, but thanks to adequate cost management and favourable agreements with our clients, we were able to minimise the effect on overall return.