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The Unica Innovation Center is a separate strategic division that operates independently of our business clusters to reinforce and to further structure our innovative capacity. The division is the antenna for the outside world and its mission is to make Unica and its customers futureproof and adaptable to change.

A new manager was appointed to for the Unica Innovation Center in 2023 to head up a newly established professional framework. From within that innovation framework, customer-specific applications are developed by analysing problems and needs identified on the market, by conducting prototype testing of solutions and eventually placing successful solutions on the market.

The Center operates according to three strategic innovation pillars:

  1. Explore: Starting with strategic topics and trends, we elaborate and develop new propositions and concepts for future growth.

  2. Accelerate: According to a strict innovation process, we accelerate ideas. Within this programme, we test for 3 aspects: desirability, viability and feasibility. These parameters are essential for the successful future marketing of a proposition.

  3. Lead: Strengthening and communicating our innovation capacity. We wish to be the most reliable and innovative sustainable partner on the market, and our goal is to strengthen Unica as a whole, to enable us to adopt that position.

In addition to sustainability and energy transition in industry and the built environment, we believe that AI also has an important role to play. We can employ this disruptive technology in many different ways. Against that background, our priority is focused on digitalisation in the world of technological solutions.