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Employees and labour market

At year end 2023, Unica employed 3,778 FTE, an increase of more than 6% as compared with 2022 (3,555 FTE). To carry out our work, we also use a flexible pool of around 200 temporary FTE. These figures make Unica one of the 200 largest employers in the Netherlands.

Once again in 2023, we were faced with a difficult labour market. Despite the now structural shortage in the technical sector, broadly speaking we have remained successful in attracting qualified people. Not only because we are one of the largest employers, but above all because we are attractive to candidates thanks to the role we play in the energy transition and the efforts to make the Netherlands more sustainable. Employees are keen to work at a company that matters and with the services it provides, Unica can play a role in societal topics that many candidates consider important. In addition, thanks to the wide range of services we provide, we offer numerous opportunities for advancement and career development. As a result, we are often able to retain employees in our organisation who wish to develop outside their current position or switch to a different position. In addition, digitalisation should make a contribution to solving the persistent labour market shortage, by making work better and easier, and reducing the workload.