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Unica pays continuous attention to the process of optimising its legal, fiscal and operational structure. Since 2023, the processing of the figures for each of the individual companies has been standardised via an approved Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution. With the switch to accounting methods on the basis of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), in 2023, financial management and transparency within Unica was further tightened up. To supervise this switch and to permanently embed the new standards in the financial management processes at Unica, the organisation was reinforced with employees and managers with experience in this field. For the initial layout of the IFRS, the assistance of a renowned party was called in, who in close collaboration with the group auditor assisted in drawing up position papers describing the vision and operating principles of Unica on the most relevant IFRS reporting standards.

Each month, the financial results are discussed in detail with every cluster, so that any problems can be tackled early. The consistent evaluation of the financial performance in a financial dashboard offers an accurate and up-to-date picture of the overall financial health of Unica. As necessary, the cash flow from other group companies can be used to guarantee the liquidity of each individual company. In exceptional circumstances, bank lending facilities can be called in to bridge a temporary shortfall.

To maintain a sound operating capital position, an active policy of debtor management is employed. The use of lease contracts for various investment components also contributes to a stable and strong working capital position. Due to rising interest rates, interest risks have grown in the past few years. Interest rates for our company have partially been fixed by means of an interest derivative product, as a means of mitigating the risks of further interest rate rises.

Unica relies on external expertise to attract multiyear financing, primarily in the form of the expertise regarding the financial markets, of majority shareholder Triton.

Credit risks are limited as all outstanding claims are insured with a credit insurance company, as required.