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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity is all about reducing and preventing inequality by avoiding discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, ethnicity, belief, parental status, education, physical and mental capacities and/or sexual preference.

Unica is convinced that diverse teams deliver better results and therefore attach real value to unprejudiced performance. We employ these same principles in recruitment and selection. Within our sector, we often see subconscious prejudices and preferences. We are now more aware of the use of language in our job advertisements, which following an analysis was shown to have a largely masculine tone. The adjustments we have made have resulted in a higher response rate to our vacancies. In our appointment policy, we look exclusively at the best person for the job and exclude no one.

One major step in reinforcing our diversity policy was the launch of the diversity platform Unique in 2020. In 2023, the platform enjoyed a new boost with the appointment of a network platform board, whose role is to inspire and unite our employees. We aim to further optimise our diversity policy by offering workshops, guidance and a clear focus on KPIs. The many components that make up this policy include a better balance in the distribution between men and women at Unica, ethnic diversity and the deployment of employees with a distance to the labour market. Gender equality and participation by women at every level within our organisation was identified as the first policy spearhead. Worth mentioning in that context was the announcement at the end of 2023 of the appointment of Debby Slofstra as Chief Operating Officer (COO). The Board of Directors of Unica has comprised one woman and two men, since 1 January 2024.