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Training and development

Alongside prevention, personal development is another important element of our approach. In 2023, we launched an online learning and development platform under the name Studica. All training courses offered within Unica are provided via this platform. Suitable training courses and education programmes made available on the platform, as e-learning modules, to allow employees to follow them at a place and time of their own choosing. As well as specialist (often compulsory) training courses, the platform offers a wide range of general digital courses, that can be followed by anyone. These courses go beyond simply technical skills and for example focus on soft skills such as personal effectiveness or presentation. Via the platform, it is possible to create personal learning lines that can be tailored to individual employees. Teams can even use the platform to develop their own digital training courses for colleagues.

Studica is Unica’s response to the demand and need for ‘lifelong learning and development’, and therefore is a tool that helps improve our attractiveness as an employer. The wide range of services we offer and the different clusters of companies, each with their own specialisation, also means that our employees have numerous opportunities for advancement and development within the group. The further development of our internal mobility policy in 2024 should also help further enhance our attractiveness as an employer.

We are also working to highlight the varied opportunities offered by working in technical services, outside the sector. Wherever possible we involve other parties, including knowledge institutions. They can help in the development of lateral entry programmes that make it easier for candidates from other sectors to find employment in engineering and technology. From within our own organisation, we also organise in-house programmes for talented newcomers at higher professional education (HBO) and senior secondary vocational education (MBO) level.