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Waste reduction

For several years, Unica has been working alongside Renewi on the collection and separation of waste. In 2023, six new companies signed up to this collection system, making the structured approach to waste reduction even more reliable. Consequently, the reports on waste reduction are becoming increasingly representative for the whole of our business operations.

Also in 2023, together with Renewi, we launched a pilot programme on behavioural change and the tools needed for separating waste. This trial is focused on separating office waste. The first stage is to evaluate the nature of the flow of office waste. Based on the results, a campaign proposal will be drawn up in 2024, aimed at further boosting awareness of waste separation.

For the time being, our actual targets for waste reduction will focus on office waste, because the impact we can have on waste reduction at project locations is not always entirely under our control. Our influence depends on the choices made by our clients, who can either decide to remain individually responsible for waste processing, or to entrust the task to the implementing partners. We are promoting the latter choice by offering waste collection as a standard service. Thanks to our experience and the professional partners we work with, this enables us to sustainably dispose of the waste flow and report on the result. In particular for the processing of non-ferrous metals (copper, lead, aluminium, zinc and brass), this could help us deliver a significant impact.