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One prominent strategic risk is cybersecurity. Digital working practice is our standard, but one which involves ever growing cyber security risks. We have therefore identified this prominent strategic risk as a separate area for attention, as described in detail under the heading Digital.

Finding sufficient suitable personnel remains one of the greatest challenges for the technical sector, and as such also represents a growing risk for Unica. At present we are able to sufficiently manage this risk thanks to our attractiveness as a growing and successful business with excellent career opportunities. Nevertheless, labour capacity remains a critical issue in risk management, since the projected shortages are expected to continue over the coming years.

Because Unica occupies a prominent position on the market, the risk of reputation damage as a result of incidents is automatically greater. Unrest around the world and market disruptions also increase the vulnerability of Unica to a greater or lesser extent. To enhance awareness of these issues, a case is discussed that relates to subjects that contribute to our reputation, in the national management consultation meeting held four times a year. We also operate a protocol for potential crisis situations. Any notifications submitted via that protocol are assessed by the Crisis Management Team (CMT), which in addition to the Board of Directors includes specialists in the field of legal affairs, human resources, security & risk and communication. To ensure that this CMT also maintains a thorough understanding of the latest developments, a crisis simulation is conducted annually, directed and supervised by an external specialist organisation.

In the past five years, Unica has made more than 15 acquisitions. To ensure that the acquired businesses are well integrated within our network, a Post Merger Integration (PMI) scenario has been drawn up. Following each acquisition, an assessment is made of which elements of the PMI scenario apply and by what date they must have been completed. The General Counsel is responsible for implementation of the scenario for all acquired businesses.

Given the challenges facing our society, companies the size of Unica can be expected to demonstrate responsibility in respect of sustainable business practice. Our stakeholders, from employees and customers through to shareholders and financiers, recognise the urgent need for companies like Unica to make every possible effort to achieve greater sustainability in business operations and service provision. Based on our strategic sustainability programme, in this report, we have taken the first steps towards reporting on these issues.