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Sustainability policy

The sustainability policy and its sub-components are not part of the annual report audited by the independent accountant.

Unica is working intensively to further professionalise its sustainability policy and reporting in accordance with international standards. Our annual report will gradually be expanded into a report in financial year 2025 that will be in compliance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). At present this chapter is not part of the audit statement by the independent auditor.

We can only successfully make a sustainable impact if everyone involved in our company embraces the movement that aims to deliver a meaningful and positive contribution to people, the environment and society. As such, the basis for our sustainable business practice is embedded in the fibres of our common purpose. In 2023 this was summarised as follows: we conceive and realise a safe, healthy and sustainable future for our customers and for future generations. Fulfilling that objective calls for a clear policy on sustainability and unequivocal reporting.

With its range of services, Unica is perfectly positioned to deliver a powerful contribution to the energy transition. We can make a real difference in the built environment which currently has a major (negative) impact. We can call upon the knowledge and technology available in-house to bring about major advances in the sustainability of the built environment, and have access to the high level of digitalisation needed to make this possible. On that basis, right across the board, we can assist customers in their desire to achieve a sustainable future. On their behalf, we are also fully equipped to meet the requirements laid down in legislation and regulations and to implement and demonstrate the effectiveness of the necessary sustainability measures. We are also active in achieving our own sustainability goals and constantly assess our position among others according to the CO2 performance ladder, the Performance Ladder Social Entrepreneurship and the Safety Culture Ladder.

We have translated our sustainability policy into the following central pillars: Energy & Climate, Circularity & Environment, People & Society and Innovation & Digitalisation. The underlying principle and fifth pillar is Ethics & integrity.

In 2023, we further implemented this Sustainability Framework and the related programmes.