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Supply chain

Given our position as one of the most sustainable technical service providers in the Netherlands, we see it as our responsibility to exclusively work with partners and suppliers that also commit to a sustainable and socially responsible approach to business. We have recorded our expectations and requirements in this area in the Code of Sustainable Supply (CoSS) which our partners and suppliers must sign when entering into a framework agreement or contract with us. The code contains agreements on the way in which parties approach work, health & safety, the environment, ethics and management. Signing this code is not a watertight system but represents a written confirmation that our partners and suppliers apply the same social standards as us. In 2024, we will resubmit this code for signing.

Using the Integrity Next platform, we made a start on conducting a more extensive risk analysis among our partners and suppliers, in 2023. For 250 preferred suppliers, we conducted an abstract ESG Supply Chain Risk Management assessment. This assessment revealed about 70 suppliers with a potential risk. We will now call upon this group to carry out a more in-depth review of the impact of the risk. We will assess the outcome on the basis of a combination of the likelihood of occurrence and the potential scale of the financial consequences. In 2024, we will conclude a complete assessment and will be in a position to determine and implement mitigating actions.