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Long-term employability and development

Despite the growth the company has undergone in recent years, Unica cherishes its character as a family-owned business, with attention for the health and wellbeing of its employees. This means that we attach real importance to ensuring that our employees enjoy their work and can remain both physically and mentally employable, now and in the long term. The absenteeism percentage, the best indicator for company health, has shown a downward trend. Within our vitality programme, focused mainly on prevention, we also pay attention to development, health and vitality. We offer tips, activate and encourage employees to invest in their health at work and at home, and offer access to budget coaches, based on the knowledge that financial concerns can also lead to absenteeism from work.

The Preventive Medical Examination (PMO) programme that was reintroduced in 2023 is another element of our prevention policy. All employees are offered a PMO once every three years. We make this programme easily accessible in the form of online questionnaires, which employees can follow up with a physical examination close to the branch they work at, if they wish. By linking this voluntary and naturally confidential ‘health MOT service’ to their daily work, employees can make a sustainable contribution to their own health.