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Notes to the company financial statements

General accounting principles for preparing the financial statements

The company financial statements were prepared in accordance with the provisions in Part 9, Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code. For the general accounting principles used to compile the financial statements, the principles for the valuation of the assets and liabilities and for the determination of the result, as well as the notes on the various assets and liabilities and the results, please refer to the notes to the consolidated financial statements unless stated otherwise below.

Participating interests in group companies

Participating interests in group companies over which significant influence is exercised in terms of the commercial and financial policy are valued at net asset value, but never less than zero. This net asset value is calculated using the accounting principles of Unica Groep BV. If the net asset value is negative, the participating interest is valued at zero. Furthermore, other long-term interests are taken into consideration that should in practice be classed as part of the net investment in the participation. A provision is formed if the company acts as guarantor in full or in part for the debts of the participating interest in question, or has an actual obligation to guarantee payment (for its share) by the participating interest in question, of its debts. When determining the size of this provision, provisions for bad debts already deducted from receivables from the participating interest are taken into account.