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Employee engagement

More than 70% of staff population or around 2,000 colleagues took part in the employee survey in 2021. As the first point of contact for customers, enthusiastic and committed employees are Unica’s calling card. In that respect, the results of the annual survey are a key benchmark for assessing the dedication of the workforce in our group of companies.

The results of the employee survey reveal that employee commitment at Unica remains high in 2021. No less than 84% of employees felt engaged with the Unica network of companies where they work. A further positive indicator is the rise in eNPS, a benchmark that reflects the difference between the percentage of employees who will recommend Unica to others as an employer, and the percentage of employees who would advise against working at Unica. The eNPS score rose to 19.8 (2020: 12.5) suggesting that many more colleagues recommend Unica as a good place to work, to family, friends and acquaintances.

The average score awarded to Unica by its employees remained unchanged from last year (7.3). Although Unica is keen to further improve this score, many comparable companies saw a slight downturn as a consequence of protracted remote working and all the resultant discomforts. We are pleased to note that the Unica score remained stable throughout this period. 

Just like last year, Unica can declare itself a ‘Worldclass Workplace’. The Worldclass Workplace label is the largest independent label for good employment practices, awarded by Effectory to companies whose employees give an above average rating.

Improvement points identified in the employee survey are followed up on individually, at each department. Each manager is provided with the results for his or her department, with a benchmark comparison with the scores from other departments. Together with the HR Business Partners, targeted improvement programmes are organised wherever necessary.

To keep our employees up to date on the general developments and strategy at Unica, a range of occasional digital newsletters are published. All employees of Unica companies are sent these central notifications. In 2022, this information programme will be expanded to include a new channel, the Unica App, that will allow all employees to simply check out the latest news on their smartphone.