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Sustainability for clients

The energy transition is forcing organisations to consider the choices open to them in their approach to energy and the related policy. Many focus on products: specific applications are selected to implement specific aspects of the energy transition. Under pressure from climate goals, this product focus is gradually shifting to strategic policy, in which integrated solutions are sought in order to achieve the goals. The result is greater complexity, which in turn demands an integrated approach to combine the various technical and organisational solutions. That then causes attention for the theme sustainability to shift from the facility services domain to other disciplines in business practice, such as procurement and strategy development.

In 2021, the energy market faced huge fluctuations. After years of relative stability on the market, businesses and consumers were faced with a rapid rise in gas and energy prices. For many organisations, this emphasised the urgent need to concentrate on energy procurement and an appropriate policy. Since the energy market was liberalised, Unica network company Hellemans Consultancy has become one of the leading specialists in this field of knowledge, and represents a procurement volume of 12% of the business market in the Netherlands. Aside from the price fluctuations, under the influence of the energy transition, the energy market will be hallmarked by a shift from demand-based production to supply-based generation over the next few years. In other words, energy will no longer only be delivered when there is demand, but will be generated and simultaneously actively placed on the market. In that light, the matching of supply and demand will call for strategic choices that go beyond mere consumption, taking into account storage and production as well. Technical facilities can provide for the desired flexibility by using (and storing) the maximum level of energy at peak demand moments, while restricting demand at other moments by reducing emissions.

Sinds juli 2021 is PwC veertien BREEAM-NL Outstanding certificaten rijker.

In the services it offers to its customers, Unica will take full account of these sustainability issues. Almost every assignment undertaken by Unica includes sustainability components, to a greater or lesser extent. In addition, via the Unica Energy Solutions cluster, Unica is responsible for supervising specific energy issues, such as the BREEAM Outstanding certification obtained by PwC in the summer of 2021 for 14 of its buildings. In order to focus greater attention on customer support in the complex energy transition, the management of Unica Energy Solutions has been expanded. As a result, the growing demand among clients for expertise in energy consultancy and implementation can be even better managed in the future.