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A financial dashboard has been developed that provides a uniform evaluation of the financial performance of every cluster, thereby ensuring a clear and up-to-date understanding of Unica’s financial health. This management information in turn guarantees the availability of sufficient liquid assets and bank guarantee facilities to meet all the company’s financial obligations.

Each month, the monthly figures are discussed in detail with each cluster, to allow immediate and appropriate adjustments to be made where necessary. Particular attention is paid to Unica’s operating capital position, which is an excellent indicator of the company’s stability. In addition, a business control department has been established for operational activities. This department brings together all financial management activities at project, company and cluster level, including the supervision of the Planning & Control cycle, analysis of the results and the issuing of advice to the management in respect of financial and risks management. This approach helps limit the financial risks inherent in the implementation of projects and contracts.

To further improve overall financial transparency, in 2022, Unica will be switching to accounting methods on the basis of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). These standards are globally recognised and are a perfect instrument for simplifying the comparability of Unica’s financial performance.

Unica relies on external expertise to attract financing, primarily in the form of the expertise of majority shareholder Triton. Credit risks are limited as all outstanding claims are insured with a credit insurance company.