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Both in the Netherlands and globally, cyber attacks are viewed as one of the greatest risks facing business and industry today. COVID-19 increased those digital risks in that the pandemic has changed many people’s approach to work and has further accelerated the dependency on technology. Against that background, there is now a greater focus on the digitalisation of office environments, business processes and remote services to customers, which in turn engenders greater cybersecurity risks.

As engineering services are becoming increasingly information-driven, so Unica has become increasingly aware of its responsibility for the information in its ecosystem. Unica protects that information against internal and external threats in order to safeguard company continuity and as far as possible to prevent harm to its own organisation and the organisations of its stakeholders (consultants, suppliers and clients). A number of clusters now employ the ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 standards to implement cybersecurity in their services. Unica is able to rely on the expertise of Unica ICT Solutions to provide in-depth knowledge of the related risks. This specialist cluster also deploys its knowledge on cybersecurity in servicing its own customers.

The policy on information protection is high on the agenda of the Board of Directors and is regularly actively assessed within the company. Awareness of cybersecurity remains crucial and with that in mind, end users are regularly notified of information protection issues and how they can make a contribution to improved cybersecurity.