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Profile Unica Groep

As a trendsetter in sustainable innovation and all-round technical service provider, Unica solves all challenges in the field of technology in the built environment. Examples of the fields in which Unica provides services are installation engineering, energy, IT, the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart buildings. Unica translates the wishes and needs of its clients into tailored functional solutions that help create a sustainable, digital, healthy and comfortable living and working environment. With an effective network of nine market-leading business clusters and a workforce of more than 3,500, Unica is one of the largest technical service providers in the Netherlands.

Unica is a trade name of the Unica Groep of companies, a private limited company under Dutch law with registered offices in Hoevelaken, the Netherlands. As holding company, Unica Groep BV owns a majority of the shares in the following operating companies:

  • Unica Groep BV

  • Unica Access & Security BV

  • Unica Building Automation BV

  • Unica Datacenters BV

  • Unica Deutschland GmbH

  • Unica Energy Solutions BV

  • Unica Fire Safety BV

  • Unica ICT Solutions BV

  • Unica Industry Solutions BV

  • Unica Installatietechniek BV

  • Unica Special Security Projects BV

  • Applicom Nederland BV

  • Boele Fire Protection BV

  • Brainpact BV

  • Equu BV

  • Fire Safety Holding BV

  • Fire Safety Projects BV

  • Gerco Brandpreventie BV

  • Helhout Holding

  • Hellemans Consultancy BV

  • Installatiebedrijf Otte BV

  • Nomi BV

  • Numan & Kant BV

  • PCT International BV

  • Pranger Rosier Holding BV

  • Pranger Rosier Vastgoed BV

  • Pranger-Rosier Installaties BV

  • Pro-Fa Automation BV

  • Pro-Fa Holding BV

  • Red Profs BV

  • Regel Partners BV

  • Synto BV

  • Van Kempen Koudetechniek BV

  • Van Kempen Service BV

All the operating companies work to deliver technological solutions and engineering services for the built environment, and operate in almost every segment of the market. The more than 35 companies that make up the Unica Groep are organised in nine business clusters each with a specific area of focus or specialisation. With an overall emphasis on the whole of the Netherlands, a number of business clusters operate regionally. For example, the cluster for new building and renovation projects is made up of four regional project companies while the cluster for technical management and maintenance is organised according to a network of geographical working areas, and consists of 17 branches.

For detailed information about our network of companies, the solutions we provide and the market segments we serve, go to