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Other explanatory notes

Remuneration of the directors and members of the Supervisory Board

The wages and salaries for 2021 include €1,073,000 (2020: €963,000) for the remuneration of the directors, including former directors. This includes a pension burden of €58,000 (2020: €33.000). Remuneration of the Supervisory Board in the financial year amounted to €161,000 (2020: € 120,000).

Occurrences since the balance sheet date

The war in Ukraine that started in early 2022 has deeply and personally affected the directors and employees of Unica. It goes without saying that our concerns and sympathies are above all extended to the people of Ukraine, as they suffer the immense consequences of this war, on a daily basis.

The expected operational and financial effects of the war in Ukraine on the operating results of Unica are limited. Unica has neither customers nor partners in Ukraine or Russia. As a consequence, we have no direct procurement, delivery or invoicing relations with parties in the countries under such pressure. Because Unica is only active in the Netherlands and operates in euros, there are also no currency risks.

One consequence of the war in Ukraine is that Unica is faced with new price rises and further restrictions on the availability of materials. For the time being, the impact on our projects is limited. For the financial year 2022, Unica has accounted for the fact that price rises could have a slight impact on the revenue and/or results of the Unica Groep.

The extensive customer portfolio served by Unica may well include certain business relations heavily dependent on deliveries from or to Ukraine and Russia. For any customers identified as falling into that category, strict credit controls have been introduced. For new orders, tighter conditions of delivery and contracts will be negotiated.

Although the impact of the geopolitical situation gives reason for further alertness, it can in general be concluded that Unica’s capacity for crisis resilience is considerable. The diversity of specialisations within the Unica organisation helps spread any potential effects. The stable customer portfolio, with a focus on recurring business and sectors less susceptible to market fluctuations, will also help limit the impact of circumstances beyond the control of Unica.