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Sustainable entrepreneurship

The future proofness of Unica and for the whole of society go hand in hand with sustainable development. Operating results can no longer be viewed in isolation from social themes such as climate change, scarce raw materials, and social interests such as diversity and inclusion. The originally already solid foundations for sustainable and social business practice within Unica are gradually acquiring a more prominent role within the company’s activities.

Sustainable business practice describes the way in which Unica reinforces its economic performance while at the same time increasing social and ecological values. The entire process relates to all activities in the value chain, aimed at minimising negative impact and maximising positive impact.

Certainly now that Unica has become a market-leading player in the Dutch corporate landscape in terms of size, the company’s impact on the environment and themes affecting society is also growing accordingly. With a view to long-term value creation at Unica, sustainable business practice was made an integrated strategy spearhead of the company in 2021. By focusing all-round attention on policy for the environment, social and administrative issues, Unica will be in a position to further enhance its impact over the coming years, and continue to make a relevant contribution to society.

A sustainability manager has now been appointed to bring together the various components of sustainable business practice in a clear and measurable integrated policy plan. The starting point for this plan is a new materiality analysis for the themes of key importance to Unica, that was concluded at the start of 2022. In preparing for that plan, consideration has been given to how the efforts made by Unica in respect of its own business operations can be translated for its customer service processes.