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Performance per cluster

Unica is made up of a network of more than 35 independent companies, organised in nine business clusters. Each cluster has its own specialisation or focus area and its own growth strategy. Although the size of the business clusters varies in absolute terms, each cluster continues to achieve positive results that contribute to the position of the Unica Groep. As a consequence, Unica is not dependent on a single strongly performing cluster. Thanks to its network structure, the company is able to offer both specialist services and take multidisciplinary orders, with a contribution from a variety of specialisations.

Building Projects

Unica Building Projects is responsible for managing the installation of all technical systems in a building, from A to Z, in renovation, transformation and new construction projects. The solid base established over the past few years by this cluster is reflected in the results. After seeing revenue rise modestly, Unica Building Projects continued to solidly improve its return rate in 2021. The cluster is able to add ever greater value to its clients, by integrating other disciplines from the Unica network in fulfilling its orders.

Building Services

The management and maintenance work undertaken by the Unica Building Services cluster on the full range of building installations guarantee a comfortable, sustainable, healthy and safe work environment for its clients. With branches all across the Netherlands and a nationwide service organisation, this cluster is the most visible component of the Unica network. In 2021, the cluster broke through the 250 million euro revenue barrier, partly thanks to the acquisition of Pranger-Rosier. Adding the three Pranger-Rosier branches to its network helped Unica Building Services expand its activities in the Northern Netherlands. The nationwide network of branches now consists of 17 locations. Unica Building Services saw its margin improve steadily in 2021, after fully focusing its service provision on problem-free operations in line with the COVID-19 protocols. The cluster has an excellent future outlook based on large, multiyear maintenance contracts that will continue to be implemented over the coming years.

Fire Safety

As specialists in fire safety solutions, Unica Fire Safety offers consultancy and service aimed at protecting buildings against fire risks. The acquisition of Gerco and Applicom enhanced the cluster’s expertise in the field of passive fire safety, on top of the solid knowledge base in the field of active fire safety offered by the other companies in the cluster. Unica Fire Safety can now deliver a complete and integrated package of services in the field of fire safety solutions. The cluster achieved solid revenue growth, partly thanks to the acquisition activities. As in previous years, the rate of return remains strong.

Access & Security

The level of service provided by the Unica Access & Security cluster is an excellent example of a specialisation in which Unica has acquired in-depth knowledge. This cluster continues to achieve stable growth in revenue and return. The addition of Nsecure to the cluster in 2017 was a textbook example of Unica’s acquisition strategy. The fundamental expertise offered by Nsecure in the field of access and control applications, in combination with other Unica companies, offers plenty of opportunities for expanding this specialisation into new domains, a process that will be further elaborated in 2022, with a new proposition for the middle segment.

Building Intelligence

The Unica Building Intelligence cluster ensures uniform control of all building functions through the integration of all technical installations, with intelligent building automation. There is a huge market potential for smart building applications of this kind, and Unica Building Intelligence is one of the largest providers of these services in the Netherlands. All the companies that make up this cluster achieve solid performance, and have contributed to the stable growth in revenue and return generated by the cluster as a whole.

Energy Solutions

As a centre of knowledge for many aspects of the energy transition, the Unica Energy Solutions cluster supplies the expertise our clients need to achieve their sustainability targets. Services including energy consultancy, energy management, energy purchase and sustainable, future-oriented solutions for the built environment are essential for achieving climate goals. The cluster has maintained stable development in both revenue and return, and is a key strategic starting point for the implementation of sustainability measures by other clusters.

ICT Solutions

As all-round ICT service providers, the Unica ICT Solutions cluster is responsible for the delivery, implementation as well as management and maintenance of ICT facilities for its clients. ICT services have been part of the Unica portfolio for more than a decade and have gradually acquired a more prominent position in the provision of service to the group’s clients. The acquisition of In2Scope has added a new dimension to the business applications portfolio, so that Unica ICT Solutions can now offer ICT applications to support business operations in more strategic areas. Revenue and return remained stable in 2021, despite the growing pressure on prices from key suppliers.

Industry Solutions

The Unica Industry Solutions cluster has all the skills it needs in-house to operate in the primary process, delivering the full range of turn-key industrial solutions for a broad variety of industrial sectors including the food industry, chemicals, pharmaceutical, logistics, manufacturing and mechanical engineering. In 2021, the cluster achieved considerable growth in both revenue and return. The industrial market is a growth sector in which Unica is acquiring a more solid market position through targeted acquisitions. Over the past five years, the cluster has grown five-fold.


The Unica Datacenters cluster, that is responsible for the realisation and maintenance of intelligent and technologically-complex data centres, saw its revenue rise in 2021. The level of growth was less than forecast, due to changes in the project plans of the cluster’s clients. The starting date for many projects depends on a variety of factors, which can sometimes lead to delays. With the planned starting date for a number of large orders in the near future, the forecasts for further growth over the coming years are certainly favourable.