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Unica aims to be well-prepared for crisis situations, in order to guarantee the continuity of the organisation and its services. This is made possible by the crisis communication plan and the Crisis Management Team (CMT) assembled in accordance with that plan. The prolonged COVID-19 crisis means that the CMT is now solidly embedded within the organisation. As well as being deployed for central decision making and coordination with regard to COVID-19, the CMT can also be actively deployed for other potential risk situations or situations that could lead to damage to the reputation of Unica or one of its companies. The underlying principle is that Unica always takes its responsibilities seriously in respect of social and all other aspects, with regard to all its stakeholders, and will take every action that can reasonably be expected of the company, in order to deliver an appropriate response to a potential or actual crisis. At all times, the company will aim to communicate carefully, openly, honestly and with due caution, irrespective of whether the news is negative or positive. In addition to dealing with COVID-19, the CMT was convened on a number of other occasions in 2021. Following central coordination and advice in all cases, the potential crisis situation was dealt with within the existing processes.

The protracted shortages on the labour market, which are expected to continue over the coming years, is recognised by Unica as a strategic risk factor. For the time being, Unica has been able to sufficiently manage that risk, and has succeeded in benefiting from the company’s attractiveness on the labour market, but it is an issue that is demanding permanent attention and creativity in order to continue to find sufficient well-qualified employees now and in the future.

A final risk is the societal shift towards sustainable business practice. This shift demands a more outward looking approach and proactivity with regard to the ecological and social impact of companies. Unica already has a sound basis in this respect, and recognises the importance of being a corporate socially responsible (CSR) company, that focuses sufficient attention on all facets of Environment, Social & Governance (ESG). Unica underlines the social responsibility demanded of businesses of our size and continues to pay appropriate attention to those issues.