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Performance per cluster

One source of the unique strength of Unica is its decentral approach to entrepreneurship. Rather than operating as a conglomerate with central management, Unica operates a network of more than 40 independent companies, capable of responding rapidly to changing market conditions in their region or specialisation. To combine knowledge and to offer an integrated service package, these independent organisations are combined in nine business clusters. Each cluster has its own specialisation or focus area and its own growth strategy, and each contributes to the growth figures, results and position of the Unica Groep.

Building Projects

Operating from four regional offices, Unica Building Projects is responsible for managing the installation of all technical systems in a building from A to Z. The cluster works alongside chain partners in renovation, transformation and new build projects for the office and industrial buildings sector. In 2022, Unica Building Projects saw a moderate downturn in revenue as the year went on, as a consequence of the growing nitrogen crisis. This downturn was countered by an improvement in the return rate. The project portfolio of Unica Building Projects remained profitable last year, despite the price increases experienced within the supply chain.

Building Services

The management and maintenance work undertaken by the Unica Building Services cluster on the full range of building installations means that clients can enjoy a comfortable, sustainable and healthy work and living environment. The cluster’s mission to operate close to its clients is achieved in practice from 17 regionally operating branches, making Unica Building Services the largest provider of technical management and maintenance services in the Netherlands. Revenue rose in the year under review to more than € 300 million, mainly thanks to organic growth generated by a well-filled orderbook with major multiyear contracts. In the past year, Unica Building Services also recorded solid improvements on its margins. With a diverse client portfolio, with both large and small multiyear contracts, the future outlook for the cluster remains excellent.

Fire Safety

The Unica Fire Safety cluster offers a full range of fire safety solutions, from active to passive fire safety. This full-service package ensures that clients enjoy optimum protection against the risks of fire. Following the acquisition of Gerco and Applicom in 2021, Unica Fire Safety now combines knowledge of structural, installation-based and organisational fire safety solutions. The integrated services offered by the Unica Fire Safety cluster resulted in a strong rate of return and a growth in revenue to almost € 90 million.

Access & Security

The Unica Access & Security cluster brings together a full service package in the field of access control and security. The company EAL was acquired in 2022 and integrated into the cluster. Thanks to this new acquisition, Unica Access & Security is the first player in the Netherlands capable of developing, installing, managing and maintaining complete access control and security systems. This represents a further boost to the market leadership already enjoyed by the cluster in high-end security environments. The acquisition also offers new opportunities to strengthen the cluster’s position in the management and maintenance of integrated access and control applications. For 2022, the cluster recorded stable growth in revenue and return.

Building Intelligence

Unica Building Intelligence, one of the largest providers of smart building services in the Netherlands, is in a perfect position to utilise the market potential for smart building applications. The companies that make up the Unica Building Intelligence cluster provide uniform control of all building functions through the integration of all technical installations with intelligent building automation. The technology of the Building Insight platform, developed by the Unica Innovation Center over the past few years, should deliver a further boost to these activities over the coming years. Together and individually, the companies within this cluster continue to deliver stable growth.

Energy Solutions

The turbulent nature of the energy market in 2022 had both positive and negative impact on the activities of Unica Energy Solutions. Clients made intensive use of the expertise available at Unica Energy Solutions as a knowledge organisation, ranging from the energy market to technical energy solutions. The increased focus across the board on professional energy consultancy, purchasing strategies and sustainability have placed Unica Energy Solutions in a unique position, with the potential of serious energy services becoming greater than ever. The substantial rise in energy prices sometimes forced clients to postpone the implementation of sustainability measures. The energy prices also influenced the operation in 2022 of the supply projects established by Unica Energy Solutions with its clients.

ICT Solutions

As all-round ICT service providers, the Unica ICT Solutions cluster is responsible for the delivery and implementation as well as management and maintenance of ICT environments. The increased relevance of ICT activities for technical services has for more than a decade been integral to the portfolio of Unica, and make a permanent contribution to the results of the group. In 2022, the cluster received a new boost from the acquisition of Working Spirit. Thanks to the secondment services offered by this company, the Unica ICT Solutions cluster now has access to more IT talent and has added even more services to its portfolio. This broadens the outlook for further growth over the coming years.

Industry Solutions

The provision of industrial technical services is an important strategic domain for Unica, fulfilled by the Unica Industry Solutions cluster. The Unica Industry Solutions cluster has all the skills it needs in-house to operate in the primary process, delivering the full range of turn-key industrial solutions for a broad variety of industrial sectors including the food industry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, logistics, manufacturing and mechanical engineering. Following five-fold growth in the past five years, 2022 saw a period of stabilisation with much focus on integration within the cluster. Unica enjoys a solid position in the industrial market and the utility sector, a position the company intends to expand over the coming years through targeted acquisitions.


Increased demand for the realisation and maintenance of intelligent and technologically complex datacenters had a clear effect on the results of Unica Datacenters in 2022. Revenue in the cluster doubled as a number of projects were initiated and new orders were added to the orderbook. The cluster has clearly focused on a healthy rate of return, as reflected in the figures. Thanks to the specialist knowledge available to Unica within the datacenter domain, forecasts for further growth of this cluster are favourable.