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2022 marked a crucial stage of the multiyear digitalisation programme currently underway. The already initiated digital transformation faces a number of obstacles, but every step represents a reinforcement of the digital foundation.

Following the initial restructuring of commercial and financial processes, attention has now been shifted to the operational processes. In collaboration with supplier Microsoft, work is underway to identify where further improvements can and must be achieved to facilitate the implementation of Dynamics 365 for Projects. The upgrade from Project Service Automation to the newly developed Project Operations is a key area of interest. Once operational processes have been established for projects, Unica will concentrate on structuring the management and maintenance tasks for the remainder of 2023. These will be implemented within the Dynamics for Services module according to a universal service method.

On a smaller scale, support processes are also being digitalised. At the end of 2022, a Corporate Learning Suite was established, a digital learning environment which makes it simpler to sign up for and follow (online) training programmes aimed at the professional and personal development of the workforce. Digitalisation is also being used to gather data in the framework of sustainable business practice. A start was made in 2022 on the registration of building-related emission flows, in which a record is made of the consumption of electricity and gas, as well as the electricity generated via solar panels, on the central cloud platform Building Insight. The registration of mobility-related emission flows is carried out via a central fleet management software solution. These new digital processes eradicate the need for the time-consuming and labour-intensive compilation of reports.