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The shortages on the labour market remain one of the greatest potential risks to successful business operations at Unica. Although shortages in the sector are growing, Unica is able to sufficiently manage the risks thanks to the company’s attractiveness on the labour market as a growing and successful business with excellent career opportunities. Nevertheless, labour capacity remains a critical issue in risk management since the projected shortages are expected to continue over the coming years.

Given the challenges facing our society, companies the size of Unica can be expected to demonstrate responsibility in respect of sustainable business practice. All stakeholders, from employees and clients through to shareholders and financial backers, recognise the urgent need for Unica to make every possible effort to achieve greater sustainability in business operations and service provision. With the launch of a strategic Sustainability programme and the appointment of a Sustainability manager, Unica has taken key steps in 2022 to permanent live up to that responsibility.

Managing potential crisis situations and ensuring sound and transparent communication on those issues remain key areas of attention in Unica’s risk strategy. The crisis management structure created for that purpose was evaluated following the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022. The evaluation revealed a number of specific areas of improvement which have now been implemented in the crisis management process.