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Strategic reassessment

Five years since the establishment of the strategy base from which operations have been undertaken over the past few years, Unica’s strategy spearheads were re-examined in 2022 with the assistance of the leading international strategy agency Roland Berger.

The primary conclusion of this strategic reassessment is that the core of the strategy requires no adjustment. The growth strategy operated by Unica with a buy & build acquisition policy, focus on people, focus on innovation and digitalisation, and the strive for commercial excellence, remain solid pillars on which Unica can continue to base its strategic foundations. Since 2021, the topic Sustainability has already been added to this strategic foundation as a policy spearhead. This topic had already enjoyed prominent attention in Unica’s operations and services, and in response to increased attention and social focus in general, has become a distinctive element in the market.

At a deeper level, the strategic reassessment reveals a number of opportunities of which Unica could make better use. Unica’s remote services, for example, offer considerable potential for international success. The opportunities for internationalisation in service provision will be further examined over the coming years. The industrial sector was also specifically identified in the analysis as a growth domain. With its extensive knowledge, Unica already has an excellent starting position, that through focused attention could be better utilised. Finally, further professionalisation of the Shared Service Centre (SSC) could contribute to the management and further realisation of synergetic advantages within the group of companies.