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Outlook for 2023 and beyond

Occurrences since the balance sheet date

A strategic reassessment at Unica was completed in 2022. Consultations were held between the management, the shareholders, the banks and the provider of subordinated loans regarding the growth strategy and its financing. The discussions resulted in a proposal for the recapitalisation of the shares and refinancing by a consortium of banks through to mid-2028. In this framework, outstanding loans and repayment obligations will be re-evaluated. The financial impact will among others depend on the extent to which and the timeframe within which the growth strategy can be realised.

Energy transition

Once the delaying effect of the high energy prices is behind us, the energy transition is expected to gradually get back to full speed in 2023. With its knowledge and specific services, Unica is excellently positioned to assist in that process, and to help clients convert their incidental sustainability measures into a structured sustainability agenda. Through its integrated approach, Unica operates at the very core of the energy transition and is able to help organisations fulfil almost every aspect of their sustainability ambitions.

Thanks to the innovative capacity of Unica, the already favourable outlook for technical service provision is further reinforced. Alongside the Unica Innovation Center, as a centre for knowledge and driver for the digital management of building functions, Unica has access in-house to fundamental ICT knowledge that is able to support the digital transformation in technical service provision with real applications.

Growth expectation

Given the favourable market prospects, Unica expects to achieve annual growth of between 10% and 15%. As Unica has grown in strength over the past few years, and thanks to the company’s solid foundations, Unica is less negatively affected by the economic difficulties currently facing the world. The autonomous growth Unica expects to achieve will be supplemented with an ambitious acquisitions agenda to reinforce its regional presence and to further broaden the company’s specialist knowledge. The buy & build strategy, implemented by Unica for many years, ensures a controlled growth that is expected to continue over the coming years. Further improving the healthy rate of return to a percentage above 10% remains a spearhead in the company’s growth strategy.


The strategic reorientation conducted in 2022 revealed that Unica’s core strategy remains solidly futureproof and will continue to offer numerous opportunities in the years to come. The growth areas that emerged from the reorientation will be further elaborated in 2023 into targeted action plans. The attention Unica has for its people, its focus on innovation and digitalisation, its strive for customer excellence and its acquisition agenda will remain unchanged. Sustainability, as another key point of focus, is becoming an increasingly distinctive element of company strategy. The Sustainability Framework drawn up in 2022 will take further shape in 2023 and beyond in the form of practical programmes. From 2023 onwards, Unica has undertaken to provide even greater transparency in reporting on its sustainability performance.

In a persistently tight labour market, the attractiveness of the company as an employer remains a top priority. The company plans to expand its recruitment activities and a new ‘working at’ website and a candidate system are planned for 2023. Internal job transfer in the form of an internal mobility programme is expected to also contribute to retaining and developing talent within the entire network of companies. Career prospects within Unica must be utilised to the maximum extent. This also applies to programmes for lateral entry, training and education, and social entrepreneurship, all of which will be further structured in 2023 as a means of contributing to the essential task of attracting new target groups to Unica.


The range of services provided by Unica places the company in an excellent position to help solve the challenges facing society, such as the energy transition, staff shortages and ageing population, health and safety. Unica accepts the responsibility its position brings, and as a consequence gives due prominence to its own efforts in the field of sustainable business practice.

Unica is extremely grateful for the trust shown in the company every year by thousands of customers. The commitment demonstrated by all our employees in their day-to-day efforts on behalf of our clients is equally essential to our success, and deserves our heartfelt appreciation. The Board of Directors looks forward to continuing its pleasant and constructive working relationship with the Supervisory Board, the management, the Joint Works Councils and all other stakeholders in order to further expand the success of Unica in the years to come.

Hoevelaken, 26 April 2023
John Quist, CEO
Ron van Laar, CFO