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Network of companies

The structuring of Unica as a network of companies is a strategy spearhead and the heart of the business model. Unica operates a system of decentralised entrepreneurship, in which the more than 40 companies that make up the group are structured in nine clusters, each with a specific area of focus or specialisation. Thanks to its network of companies, Unica can both offer specialist services and take multidisciplinary orders with contributions from various knowledge domains.

These multidisciplinary services are brought together in end-to-end solutions. This approach to propositions enables Unica to deliver a complete package of products and services that provides its clients with integrated solutions. Examples include the smart buildings proposition, combining the system and integration knowledge of various clusters, and the care domotics & IoT proposition, in which ICT domain knowledge is combined with building intelligence components. Within the clusters themselves, solutions are developed in which a variety of specialisations are provided as end-to-end solutions. Integrated fire safety is one such full-service proposition that brings together all the elements of fire safety.