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With the proposed switch to accounting methods on the basis of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), attention for financial management and transparency within Unica was further focused in 2022.

Each month, the monthly figures are discussed in detail with each cluster to allow immediate and appropriate adjustments to be made where necessary. Uniform evaluation of the financial performance ensures a clear and up-to-date understanding of Unica’s financial health. A financial dashboard provides an insight into the financial position of each cluster, as a means of guaranteeing the availability of sufficient liquid assets and bank guarantee facilities to meet all the company’s financial obligations. The cashflow from other group companies can be used to guarantee the liquidity of each individual company. In exceptional circumstances, bank lending facilities can be called in to bridge a temporary shortfall.

To maintain a sound operating capital position, an active policy of debtor management is employed, both via central management and decentrally within the various companies. The use of lease contracts for various investment components also contributes to a stable and strong working capital position. Due to rising interest rates, interest risks grew in 2022. Unica intends to fix its long-term interest rate as a means of mitigating the risks of further interest rate rises.

Unica relies on external expertise to attract multiyear financing, primarily in the form of the expertise of majority shareholder Triton regarding the financial market. Credit risks are limited as all outstanding claims are insured with a credit insurance company as required.