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Education & development

2022 saw the establishment of a Corporate Learning Suite that in the future will be used as a platform for the provision of all education programmes within Unica. All suitable training courses and education programmes have been made available on the platform as e-learning modules, to allow employees to follow them at a place and time of their own choosing. The learning environment also offers a wide range of general digital courses that are available to the entire workforce. This means that everyone can plan their own personal and business development at a time that suits them.

The platform also simplifies the centralised registration and signing up for training courses and exams. Via the platform it is even possible to create and allocate personal learning lines to individual employees, so that they can follow regular courses and attend periodic training sessions in a logical order. The launch of the digital learning environment is the response from Unica to the need and necessity of all employees for ‘lifelong learning and development’. The range of development opportunities on offer will be further expanded in 2023, according to the experiences of the users.

For the development programme for young professionals, preparations were made in 2022 for the launch of two new groups, in a variant for graduates from senior secondary vocational education (mbo) and one for graduates from higher professional education (hbo). This programme is aimed at talented young individuals already employed at Unica. The target group for this programme differs from that for the traineeship programme which is aimed at new entrants from higher professional education or university. The sixth group of these trainees started in 2022. The leadership programme for middle management was concluded last year. Now that this group of employees has completed the full training programme, it will be evaluated to identify possibilities for further follow-up from 2023 onwards.